Search and selection

Taking global trends and local specialties into account we strongly believe that the distinctive selection between the Recruitment and the Executive Search approaches for a search project does not support project delivery with optimal efficiency in the majority of cases. Therefore, simultaneously to advertisement management, internal and external database screening, and activation of a widespread contact network for any give search, we also directly search for carefully identified candidates at a predefined list of "ideal" target companies.

The initial personal briefing is of extraordinary importance to us where not only the job description, requirements, the potential limited target list of companies, and the confidentiality degree are defined, but we also always try to acquire first hand information about the superior's preferences regarding the candidate personality.

The degree of confidentiality for any given search depends on our clients' decision.

Milestones of a typical search and selection project:

  • a. Briefing and contracting
  • b. Advertisement placement and management, database screening, conducting limited direct search, sourcing via contact network
  • c. Candidate profile evaluation, pre-selection via telephone interviews, conducting competency based interviews
  • d. Identification of short listed candidates, profiling with the profilingvalues online tool
  • e. Forwarding candidates reports and profiling test results to our clients
  • f. Presentation of candidates
  • g. Referencing on selected candidates
  • h. Supporting the agreement between client and candidate
  • i. Follow up on successful placement at the client and the new employee

Profilingvalues online personality and competency measurement tool

The profilingvalues psychometric diagnostic tool provides reliable, fast and efficient support to candidate selection. In addition, also numerous renowned international companies make use of it to steer personalized training and coaching programs, and/or to prepare for annual assessment talks. The test significantly contributes to reaching individual and team goals on the long term.

Profilingvalues innovation lies in the inner values based assessment. Values are perceived as the most solid aspect of human psychology and influence one's behavior enormously. The test's approach is coupled with unparalleled user friendliness.

Its main advantages:

  • 1. no intentional manipulation is possible
  • 2. measures the "abilities" and the "willingness to use the abilities"
  • 3. checks against standard or tailored job profiles
  • 4. presents analyses in a transparent way
  • 5. approx. 20-30 minutes test time

Profilingvalues was developed by Dr. Ulrich Vogel. The method is based on the value system of Professor Robert S. Hartman. The test is frequently validated and fulfils all scientific requirements for psychological testing methods.

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The usage of profilingvalues tests constitutes an integral part of our HR consultancy services and has no extra charge associated with it. However, the tests are also available separately at an extra charge. We are happy to provide our clients with a custom made offer.